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A garage door is an investment, so it makes sense to protect it with routine maintenance. The good news is, these tips are all pretty simple and easy to do yourself. Like anything in your home, it’s important to remember to check up on it from time to time to prolong its life.

Garage Door Noise

Your garage door should operate smoothly, with little noise involved. If your garage door starts to make unusual sounds when opening or closing, such as grinding, it can be a sign of trouble. This could be as simple as needing to lubricate the moving parts of the door or it could mean a spring is struggling and about to break. Take a look at your door while it’s closed. If it doesn’t look balanced, this could be the source of the noise.

Test Garage Door Balance

It’s easy to tell if a garage door isn’t balanced, because it will look tilted when closed. An unbalanced garage door creates more work for the garage door opener and all other moving parts.This can lead to a shorter service life and bigger issues down the road. If you feel comfortable testing its balance, disconnect the opener and manually open the door halfway. Garage door springs act as a counterweight system, so when the door is partially open, it should stay in place. If it falls, the garage door springs are weakened. Never attempt to repair garage door springs on your own—this can lead to serious injury and even death. Professional garage door technicians are trained to repair these things safely.

Replace Weatherstrippping

We all know that saying, “Stop trying to heat/air condition the outdoors.” That means don’t leave the door open while the furnace or AC is running. Something to think about: garage door weatherstripping. Even though your garage door is closed, if the weatherstripping is damaged, it might as well be left cracked  open. The great thing is that it’s easy to replace and doesn’t cost much either.

Lubricate Your Garage Door Track

As with anything mechanical, moving parts should be kept well-lubricated. This means your track, rollers, and springs. Lubricant that comes in a spray is applied quickly and easily. You can stop into our warehouse during business hours to pick up a can and ask us questions if you have them.

Test Safety Features

While there are so many safety and security features now available in garage door openers, they’re worthless if they aren’t working. That’s why it’s important to remember to regularly test them to ensure they’re operating properly. For instance, the Protector System reverses the door if something or someone interrupts the sensor. Obviously, you should never test this with a human or animal. Instead, when the door is closing, roll a ball under the door or slide a cardboard box underneath. If the door doesn’t stop, there may be an issue with the sensor. It’s time to call the pros.

Keep the Garage Door Clean

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t try to clean their garage door because they aren’t sure how to do it. Never use a rough or steel sponge to scrub or clean your garage doors, even if there’s hard-to-remove gunk on it. Instead, use a mild detergent, like dish soap, and a soft sponge. If you aren’t sure what kind of sponge to use, here’s a pointer: if you wouldn’t use it to wash your car, don’t use it on your garage door.

Amega Garage Door and Opener Maintenance

The good news is, when you work with us, you get folks who have been in the garage door industry for decades. Whether you’re looking at buying a new garage door, need a repair, or would like to schedule a maintenance check, we have you covered. Pop into our warehouse during business hours or contact us today. We’re happy to help!