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If you’re just starting to look for a new garage door, you’ve probably noticed there’s much more out there than you thought. First of all, take a deep breath. You aren’t the only one who’s found themselves overwhelmed with the amount of choices. The good news is that with so many choices, you’re going to be able to find the best fit for your home and budget. A term you’ll see a lot is “Accents Woodtones.” These aren’t your typical wood garage doors.

What are Woodtones Garage Doors?

Decades ago, it was normal to use real wood to construct garage doors. It’s a commonly found material and it got the job done. In fact, it still does! However, many homeowners are looking for the real wood look for less. Enter: woodtones. Whether painted or accents woodtones, these doors can really boost your curb appeal.

Painted Woodtones

The most affordable option is the painted woodtones garage door. These are steel doors that are two inches thick. The wood “look” is applied in an artificial, repeating pattern. However, the pattern repeats each 26 inches, giving it a much more realistic look your neighbors will think is real.

Accents Woodtones

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Accents woodtones is an exact replica of woodgrain. In fact, it’s so carefully crafted to ensure that patterns don’t repeat, that you’ll have people in your driveway swear your garage door is made of real wood. These doors are really steel, making them much more durable than real wood. CHI hand-picks the highest quality lumber, then uses high-resolution digital scanning to pick up each tiny detail. Those details are what you see on accents woodtones doors and that’s why we offer them.

Woodtones are Low Maintenance

Because they aren’t made of real wood, woodtones don’t require re-sanding and painting every few years. They also don’t require re-sealing as time goes on. As real wood ages, it gets harder and harder to clean, but that’s not the case with woodtones. These are much smoother and more durable, so they maintain their look throughout the years. For instance, CHI uses a UV topcoat, protecting it from damaging sunlight.

What are Real Wood Garage Doors?

Real wood is beautiful, of course. Plus, garage doors made with real wood panels are easily customized. Different stains are available and they take paint well. However, there is quite a lot of upkeep involved. Typically, garage doors with wood panels are much heavier than their composite or woodtones relatives. They’re also usually much more expensive and it takes much more when it comes to their upkeep. While you can paint or stain a real wood garage door, you’ll need to repaint and restain regularly to keep it looking its best. This is why many people who desire actual wood garage doors are moving toward wood overlay doors instead.

The Compromise: Wood Overlay Doors

If you have your heart set on real wood doors, but know you’re not willing to handle the upkeep, wood overlay is an excellent option. These garage doors are made of insulated steel, but have a wood exterior. With these, weather isn’t as big of an issue, because rain, sleet, and snow aren’t much of a match against steel. When the elements aren’t able to damage the door or make their way into your garage, the life of your garage door can be extended. That means you save money.

Buying the Right Woodtones Garage Doors

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As with most things in life, quality matters. It’s important to do your due diligence before purchasing any garage door—especially one with a woodtones finish. This is because there are many “faux wood doors” on the market that simply don’t look like wood once you get closer to them.

Garage Door Options in Des Moines

Whether you’re looking for the wood look or something different for your garage doors, we’re ready to help. Feel free to take a look at our gallery of garage doors to get an idea of what may look great on your home or business. We’d be happy to schedule a time to go over your options with you in person, too, so contact us today!