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Everyone loves a two-for-one product, so it’s no wonder why we’re excited about the new WLED Battery Backup Belt Drive LED garage door opener from LiftMaster. In fact, “two-for-one” isn’t an accurate description, because it does so much more than operate as a garage door opener with a built-in WLED light. We’re excited to tell you about some of its new features!

Keep Your Garage Well-Lit

Leaving for work before the sun is up or coming home after the sun has set means you have to deal with the darkness in your garage. Even if you already have an overhead light, it would be much easier if that light was an energy-efficient LED that was built right into your garage opener. As a bonus, the door can be put on a schedule to close, so you don’t have to worry after leaving work if it’s been left open. The WLED opener can even be scheduled, so the lights come on and turn off at a certain time each day. Plus, this isn’t something that barely lights your garage—it fully illuminates the space.

Breaking Down the Lighting Specs

The new WLED garage door opener boasts over 3,000 Lumens from 2 LED light panels and 100 points of LED light. This all means that the light provided by the opener easily and efficiently lights your entire garage. Plus, there’s a battery backup included, which is nifty in case of power outages.

Protect Yourself with LiftMaster’s Security Features

The garage door is typically the largest moving object in your home and is often used as the main entrance to the home. So, it makes sense that it should be as secure as possible at all times. There are a number of safety options with the new WLED, including:

Secure Codes

With every click of your door opener, a new, secure code is sent to the opener. This helps ensure that your remote and only your remote will be able to activate the door each time. These encrypted controls (see “secure codes” above) ensure your garage is kept safe. Even in temperatures from -40 degrees F to 150 F, the Security+ 2.0®️ is at your service.

Automatic Garage Door Lock

This durable deadbolt lock reinforces your door when closed. Because it’s automatic, you don’t have to get in and out of your vehicle to manually lock your garage. Instead, it works along with your opener, so when you open your door or close it, it unlocks and locks, respectively. Thanks to the myQ®️ technology from LiftMaster, this powerful feature also works remotely (with your smartphone) to give you peace of mind even when you’re away from home.

Safety Sensors

The Protector System®️ casts a light beam across your door opening. If and when anything gets in its way while the door is closing, the door automatically reverses. That means if your dog or child runs under the door while it’s closing, you’ll be incredibly grateful that you have those safety sensors in place. In fact, that’s happened to one of Amega’s office dogs, Lilly. We were beyond happy our garage door opener had those safety sensors!

Enjoy Quiet Garage Door Operation

Thanks to the super-strong belt drive system in the new WLED Battery Backup Belt Drive opener, you’ll enjoy much quieter operation. As a bonus, the power behind the DC motor means it’s longer-lasting. You can also look forward to a smooth start/stop operation and we all know that the less the garage door shakes, rattles, and rolls in operation, the longer your hardware

Smart Home, Smart Garage

A smart home can save time and money. Since the garage is a big part of your home, why wouldn’t you want the same conveniences there? Thanks to the home connectivity abilities of the new WLED garage door opener, you can sync it with smart devices. You’ll be able to receive any alerts about your door right on your phone, including whether the door was left open. Alerts like those don’t mean you have to rush home, thanks to the ability to control your door with your phone.

Your Local Garage Door Experts

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