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Garage doors are the largest moving piece of a house with various parts that need to be in good working condition in order for the door to operate safely. Depending on the style of door you have, garage doors can weigh up to 400 pounds, and one faulty part or misstep during a repair can send the weight of your door crashing down on whoever is attempting to repair it. With the convenience of YouTube and Google, finding how-tos for home repairs is easier than ever, but the garage door is one part of your home that should be left untouched by DIYers. Garage door professionals are there for a reason, so read on to find out why you should leave repair work to the professionals.

Protect Yourself & Others by Minimizing Injury

This is the most important reason to hire a garage door professional. While you may have experience in home improvement work, garage doors and their moving parts need to be fully understood in order to safely fix them. Garage door springs, while small, are responsible for storing the energy your garage door uses to open and close. One wrong move could result in serious injury or death. While it may seem enticing to try to fix it yourself, please do not attempt to change garage door parts or springs. Our garage door technicians at Amega go through extensive training in order to know how to effectively and safely inspect and repair garage doors, regardless of their age or style.

Save Time (and money)

DIY garage door repair may seem like an easy way to save some money, but think about what else is involved in repair without a professional’s help. Oftentimes, attempting to repair without fully knowing what you’re doing can result in even more issues than what you were previously dealing with. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a large amount of time I can dedicate to diagnosing the issue, ordering parts, and performing the repairs?
  • Am I positive I know what is wrong with my garage door, and what specific parts I need to order so I can complete the repair?
  • Do I have the correct tools in order to complete this repair? Can I easily purchase them if not?
  • Do I have enough money set aside for hospital bills if I were to get injured while attempting repair?

After taking these questions into consideration, hiring a professional may be the best choice to save your own time and money while ensuring that your garage door receives the appropriate repairs.

Peace of Mind

How can you be sure the repairs you made fully fixed the issue? Especially with pets or small children nearby, it’s important to feel confident that your home’s garage door operates exactly as it’s intended. Contacting garage door professionals to complete repairs ensures that the people working on your door have years of skills, training, and experience as well as the proper tools to get the job done.

Avoid Liability Issues

If you’re ever planning on selling your home, then garage repair should not be done by anyone who isn’t a professional. If the new homeowners face injuries due to a faulty garage door, and it is revealed that the garage door was worked on by someone who was not a professional, then liability may fall on you should the new owners try to seek out an insurance claim.

Components are Dangerous

Garage door parts, especially springs, can be very dangerous when not working properly. Garage door professionals are not only familiar with the parts involved in a garage door, but are also aware of the dangers that arise when working on each part and are able to safely maneuver through a repair without further damaging the door or injuring themselves.

Receive a Warranty

Attempting to repair a garage door only to have the same issue reappear again is not only disappointing, but a waste of time, labor, and materials that do not fall under warranty. Warranties are a benefit homeowners receive from professionals that they wouldn’t have otherwise. We offer a 12-month parts and labor warranty on all the work we do.

Contact a Des Moines Garage Door Professional

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