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Determining the right type of door opener for your garage is just as important as choosing the door itself. Depending on the size of your garage, the weight of your door, and how much available overhead space you have, different garage door openers may be right for your specific needs. So how do you know which door opener has the right specifications for you? Let us walk you through some of the different garage door openers we offer and what their similarities and differences are so you can choose the perfect fit for your door!

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain drive openers tend to be the most popular, cost-effective model of garage door openers. These door openers are affixed to the ceiling of your garage and use a heavy chain, similar to a bicycle chain, that can raise or lower very heavy doors more easily than other models. Because of this, chain drive models are often popular for two-door garages and commercial doors. Chain drive openers also tend to be the most cost-effective option without compromising on safety and security features. 

This opener is perfect for homes with detached garages or where bedrooms are not directly above the garage. There is some noise generated by this opener, so if noise is a problem, a quiet belt drive opener would be a good choice.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt drive openers operate very similarly to chain drive models, except that they raise and lower your door using a reinforced belt rather than a metal chain. This belt can be made of steel-reinforced rubber, fiberglass, or polyurethane, eliminating the metal-on-metal grinding of a chain-drive model. As a result, belt drive openers are extremely quiet and can raise and lower doors more smoothly and quickly. These door openers are also more long-lasting because the gears do not wear down as quickly as chain drive models. 

This belt drive opener is an excellent option if you have bedrooms above your garage and require a quiet garage door opener. The cost is slightly more than the cost of a chain drive opener, however many people feel the additional cost is well worth it.

Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Also known as a jackshaft garage door opener, this model relies on a pulley system to raise and lower your garage door. Compared with belt drive and chain drive models, the wall mount door opener is just as reliable and very quiet, though often more expensive than other types of door openers. In terms of security and space, however, wall mount garage door openers also offer multiple solutions that other models do not. Rather than being attached to the ceiling, wall mount openers are installed on the side of your garage, making it perfect for people who rely on their overhead space for storage. This is also a great advantage for garages with very high or low ceilings. Additionally, the wall mount options tend to be much more secure: chain drive and belt drive models have manual release capabilities that allow you to open them without power, but can be manipulated to open from the outside by an intruder. Instead, many wall mount garage door openers include a deadbolt that automatically locks when the garage door is closed, making it very difficult for a burglar to gain entry.

Additional Features and Customization

Other factors may also impact the type of garage door opener that is best for you, such as safety and security features or accessibility. Depending on the specific model you choose, you can further customize the door opener to fit your specific preferences. From systems that can be opened and closed using your smartphone, to sensors that automatically reverse the door if something or someone gets in the way, you can add or remove features that meet your specific needs. LiftMaster even has an opener with a built-in camera option. Real-time video monitoring lets you see what’s happening in your garage no matter where you are. Check it out here.

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Browse the different LiftMaster Garage Door openers we offer to review the specific features offered, and contact us to discuss what model is best for you! Our experienced technicians will be able to install your new opener and test to make sure it operates efficiently with your door.