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Whether you just purchased a new remote control for your garage door opener system or you need to reprogram an existing remote, most garage openers work similarly when it comes to configuring the handheld remote.

Which remotes will work with my garage door?

Depending on your garage door opener’s age and manufacturer, your new remote control may or may not be compatible with the existing system. Fortunately, many devices and openers are cross-compatible. For example, both LiftMaster and Chamberlain devices can be used interchangeably in most cases. To check if your remote in-hand will work for your personal garage opener, call the manufacturer.

You may also have an old remote that you want to pair with a new opener. Typically, setting up a new remote control and resetting an existing remote are done the same way.

General Steps to Configure a Garage Door Remote with a Residential Garage Door

Step One: Locate Your Opener’s Learn Button

On the back of the garage door’s opener unit, locate the button labeled ‘Learn’. You will need a ladder or a step-stool to safely reach the opener.

Step Two: Press the Program Button on the Remote Control

Most opener remotes have a small button that activates the programming mode. You may need to remove the car visor clip or the battery cover (if applicable) to find the button. Once located, press it until the light turns on.

Step Three: Press the Learn Button

Back on the opener unit, press the learn button until the LED light next to it comes on. Once this light switches on, you have 30 seconds to program the remote (see next step).

Step Four: Press and Hold the Remote Button

Immediately after pressing the learn button on the opener, press and hold the button on the remote that you anticipate to control the opening and closing of your garage door.

Step Five: Wait for the Flashing Lights or Clicks

Once the remote has paired with the opener, you should see flashing lights on the opener unit or hear two clicks from the opener unit. After this, test out your remote to make sure it worked!

Contact Amega Garage Doors & Openers for Remote Troubleshooting

If you have followed the process above and still are unsure whether or not you are performing the pairing process correctly, or if your remote is compatible, call Amega! We would be happy to assist you over the phone, or schedule an appointment. Reach out to us today.