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Garages are one of the most heavily used spaces in a home, and yet many of them don’t receive the proper attention they deserve. While garages are low maintenance, they are not completely maintenance-free. Take time to inspect your garage and plan to arrange for repairs or improvements before damage can happen. 

Garage Floor

It’s recommended that you clean your garage floor at least once a year to prevent slips, stains, and damage caused by car fluids and salt from the road in the winter. This can be as simple as hosing down the concrete. If you have areas that are prone to more damage, like the areas under your car, consider placing floor mats beneath or treating the floor with a sealant. 

If you notice cracks in the flooring, they may need further attention and repair. Hairline cracks don’t pose a serious threat, but any crack more than one-fourth of an inch should be fixed. 

Walls & Foundation

Next up, survey the walls and foundation of your garage about twice a year, looking for discoloration, mold, cracks, and moisture. If you do notice any of these damages, have your garage further inspected by a professional. 

Similarly to your garage floors, small cracks in your walls or foundation that don’t show any signs of water damage are usually not a problem, but larger cracks are cause for concern. 

Gutters & Interior Doors

Check to make sure your rain gutters are not clogged or damaged so that they will keep snowmelt and rain away from your garage and any valuables you keep inside. Your interior garage door is often the most frequented entryway into your home, so you’ll want to ensure that it is properly keeping cold air out in winter and cool air in during summer. 

Pest Inspection

Insects like ants and termites can cause damage to your home, plus any bugs crawling or flying around are simply a nuisance and something most of us like to keep far away from our homes. Check damp, cool, and dark spaces in your garage for any bugs or signs of their damage. 

Garage Door

Your garage door needs regular maintenance and inspection to safely open and close. At Amega, our team of trained professionals will come out and perform a full inspection of your garage door, checking for both safety and operation. We check the following and more:

  • All of the moving parts of your garage door
  • The hardware and paneling/sections
  • The door balance
  • The condition of the garage door springs
  • The sensors
  • Your remote controls
  • The opener itself

The list goes on, but the main point is that we’ll make sure your garage door is working safely and efficiently

Schedule An Inspection with Amega

We’ve been in the garage door industry in Des Moines for decades, so we know how extreme Midwest winters can be. Keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections of your garage door can help protect your investment. If you’re interested in an expert inspection done by a name worthy of your trust, give Amega a call today!