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So you’ve scheduled your new garage door and opener installation with Amega—now what? There are a few things you need to do in order to prepare your home for a new garage door. We’ve outlined every step to prepare for installation day to ensure things go smoothly and that our technicians can do the work efficiently, safely, and in a timely manner. 

Move Your Vehicles

If you keep your cars in the garage, make sure to move them to the street or far enough down the driveway to allow your Amega installer to back their vehicle near the garage opening. This will allow plenty of space for our crew to work with and give us access to the area around our truck without risking damage to your vehicles. 

Clean Out Your Garage

In addition to moving your vehicles, ensure that any equipment, tools, garbage cans, toys, etc. are put away or moved to the back of your garage. At the very least, the front half of your garage (from the opening to 12 feet back) should be empty and free of obstructions

This allows our technicians enough space to safely install your new garage door and/or opener. It also ensures that your belongings aren’t accidentally damaged during the process. 

Keep Kids & Pets at a Safe Distance

For the safety of our technicians, the only people who should be in your garage or driveway while you’re having your garage door replaced should be our installation team. We want our technicians’ focus to be solely on doing the very best installation of your new garage door products, and having homeowners, small children or pets in the area can be a distraction. 

Have Remotes Ready to be Programmed

Make sure that any remotes you want our technicians to program are at your house and in the garage where they can program them.

Be There for the Installation

It’s best to be at home when we come to install your new garage door. While we won’t need any supervision, it’s helpful to have the homeowners accessible for any questions that arise. You’ll also need to pay the technician the rest of what you owe when the job is complete, so sticking around the house is easiest for everyone!

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Now that you know everything you need to do to prepare for your new garage door, let’s make it happen! Get in touch with our team to pick out your dream door and schedule your installation. We take our role as industry experts seriously, so you know your new garage door will be safe and beautiful.