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As experts in the garage door industry, we get a lot of questions about garage door openers. From opener type to troubleshooting common issues, we have the answers to the most commonly asked questions about openers. 

Whenever you have questions or want to install a new garage door opener, reach out to our trustworthy and professional team at Amega!

Are There Multiple Garage Door Opener Types?

Yes! There are two types of trolley-driven openers you can choose from: chain drive and belt drive. There is also a side-mount opener in cases where you may want more space overhead in your garage, which is called a jackshaft.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

This is the most common type of garage opener because it fits almost any size of garage door and is the most affordable option. It uses a chain to move the door on the track and is durable and strong. 

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt drive openers are similar to chain drive, except instead of a chain, they use a rubber belt to move the door. This is the quietest option and has less vibration compared to other door openers. 

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

If you opt for the jackshaft garage door opener, it will be mounted on the wall at either end of the torsion bar. This type is the least common option and usually uses automatic deadbolts and has a computerized system. If you have a garage with an angled, high, or low ceiling, this is the best option for you.  

How Do I Determine What Motor Size I Need?

The two main sizes of opener motors for residential garage doors are ½ horsepower and ¾ horsepower. Our garage door professionals will give consideration to the amount of use your garage door will get as well as the size, style, and weight of your garage door before recommending an opener.  It is important to have the right horsepower to open your garage door in your particular situation. 

Can I Install the Garage Door Opener Myself? 

While it’s certainly possible to do this project yourself if you’re handy enough, you should consider the complexity of the job before deciding to take it on. 

The best option for the safety and stability of your garage door is to have a professional garage door technician install your new opener. Contact Amega for your installation needs!

Why Does My Door Keep Reversing Open When I Try to Close It?

All garage door openers in North America (since 1993) come equipped with an automatic reversal system and photo eyes are required to be installed. These safety features detect if something is in the way of the door closing to prevent injury.  

If your garage door keeps reversing when you try to close it, it may have detected something is in the way. It could also mean that the force needs to be adjusted on your opener. If you check the area and it’s clear but your door still won’t close, contact a professional to inspect the issue. 

If the Power Goes Out, Can I Open My Garage Door?

Iowa storms can often knock out your power for hours at a time, making it inconvenient to get in and out of your garage. If this is a frequent issue for you, consider a garage door opener that comes with a battery backup system. This usually provides you with about 24 hours of opening and closing your door normally without power. Otherwise, you can always manually open your garage door. 

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