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Garage Door Broken Spring Repair in Des Moines, IA

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A malfunctioning and broken garage door spring is always an unwelcome surprise. There’s never a convenient time for your springs to break. You may be tempted to attempt a repair yourself, but spring repairs can be dangerous without the proper training so it is never recommended to tackle a spring repair on your own. We understand the inconvenience a broken spring may cause and the importance of keeping your family safe. We will work with you to quickly schedule a convenient time for our technician to replace your spring(s). With over 36 years of garage door experience, we’ll get it done right.

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How Do I Know If I Need a Spring Replacement?

There are a few tell-tale signs your spring is the culprit for any garage door mishaps.

 Large Gap in Torsion Spring

 Torsion springs wind up when the garage door is pulled down and unwind when the door is opened.  These springs are in place to make opening and closing the door easier.  When the spring snaps, it snaps into separate pieces.  If you see a gap in your torsion spring (horizontally-mounted springs located above your garage door), it’s broken.

 Difficulty Opening the Garage Door

 When attempting to open your garage door with your remote control or control panel the door will either attempt to lift but only make it up a few inches before falling, or will not open at all. Many garage doors have a safety mechanism in place that can recognize a faulty spring that will not let it open due to the spring in place not being able to take the weight of the door.

 The Garage Door Falls When Closing

 When your garage spring is broken, or on the verge of breaking, your door may seem unstable and shaky when opening and slam shut when closing. This is another sign that your current spring cannot withstand the pressure and weight of your garage door and can fully snap at any moment. There is a higher likelihood that you or members of your family can get hurt, so it’s important to schedule the repair right away. Please do not continue to try to operate the door. 

 Loud Sound in the Garage

 When a torsion spring breaks you’ll probably hear it. These springs are tightly wound and let out a loud bang when they snap. It’s highly likely you would be able to hear it while in your home. Broken springs are seen often during Iowa winters and when we experience big fluctuations in temperature, but can happen year-round. 

How Much Does a Broken Spring Repair Cost?

Broken spring repairs can vary in price depending on the size of your door, the type of springs recommended, age, and weight of your garage door. If you notice that only one spring is broken out of a two spring door, prepare to have both replaced, as the second is soon to follow.  Generally, when you have a broken spring, springs are the only items you will need to have replaced. We pledge to never sell you items you do not need. Call Amega for all of your spring replacement and garage door service needs!

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Amega Garage Doors & Openers Inc. has been locally owned and operating in the Des Moines area for over 36 years. Our trusted team of professionals has been helping homeowners as one of the first local full-service garage door companies since 1986. As a family-owned business we recognize the importance of getting back into your routine so we strive to provide timely, professional, transparent service to our customers.

Customer Testimonials

“My garage door spring broke on Sunday morning. I called and left a message the same day. I had a call back the next morning and an

appointment scheduled for the SAME DAY and within a couple of hours. Steve, the technician, arrived on time and had the spring replaced within 45 minutes. Steve was beyond professional and friendly. When I write he was very nice – I mean VERY NICE! You expect a level of service when you contract with a company but Steve far exceeded our expectations. The cost of repair was more than reasonable – less expensive than what I was anticipating. While most people don’t need garage door service very often, if you do I highly recommend Amega Garage Doors as your first call! Thank you, Steve and Amega team, for your service and professionalism.” -Tim L. via Google Reviews

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