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LiftMaster’s 8500 Elite Series Garage Door Opener

If you’d like extra storage space above your garage, have an oversized garage door, or vaulted ceiling, a wall-mounted garage door opener is an excellent option. This is also a great choice if you have a room above the garage, thanks to its quiet operation. Because it’s mounted on the wall.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Features

This opener takes up little space, but packs a lot of power. It’s easily mounted on the wall just beside the garage door, this opener comes with a remote 200-watt light that can be positioned anywhere in the garage.


  • Power Lock Deadbolt: This ensures your garage door won’t be opened under force.
  • Remote Light: Illuminates your garage, as needed.

Safety and Security

  • Security+2.0®: A rolling code technology that generates a new code each time you use your opener, virtually eliminating the possibility of someone stealing your signal.
  • Auto-Force and Electronic Limits: In short, your garage door opener will be more able to adapt to changing weather and temperatures.
  • The Protector System®: Safety sensors project a beam of light across your garage door opening and if anything crosses it, the door automatically reverses.
  • Alert-2-Close: This warning system uses audible and visual alerts if an unattended garage door is closing when MyQ Technology is in use
  • Battery Backup: Capable of using a backup battery (requires a separate battery, model 475LM), so the garage door opener works even when your power is out.


  • MyQ® Technology: This allows you to control and monitor not only your garage door, but also your garage lights, from your smartphone. etc.

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For more information about this garage door opener or our full line of openers, feel free to give us a call. Along with the MyQ® Control Panel, the 8550 Elite Series Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is on display at our showroom, so feel free to come in to see them in use.