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It’s inevitable that winter weather will wreak havoc on more than just our driveways and commutes—it can also cause problems with your garage door. When temperatures drop, you want your garage door to operate smoothly to protect your home, car, and other belongings from the harsh cold, so learn some of the reasons you could have garage door problems in the winter and what you can do to prevent or repair them.

Contracting Metal

Your garage door relies on several metal components to operate fully. From springs and screws to the door track itself, the metal is susceptible to normal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. While no one can stop this from happening, measures can be taken to ensure the effects won’t damage the functionality of the garage door. Make sure your springs, rollers, and hinges are lubricated well with garage door lubrication. If you happen to experience a broken spring, do not attempt to repair it. Spring tension is extremely dangerous and any adjustments or repairs should be made only by professionals. Serious injury and even death has occurred when inexperienced people have attempted to do it themselves. Contact Amega Garage Doors & Openers for any spring repairs.

Garage Door Frozen to Floor

Winter in Iowa typically brings snow, ice, and freezing rain. Any of these could lead to the garage door freezing to the floor of the garage. Frozen garage doors can damage openers as well as sections. You should take precautions to avoid having your garage door freeze to the ground. Amega Garage Doors stocks a garage door lubricant called Stick It that helps prevent garage doors from freezing to the ground. Drop by our showroom at 4901 NW 57th Avenue in Johnston to pick up some!

Replace Weatherstripping

If your garage door weatherstripping has been damaged or is brittle, cracked, and damaged, now is the time to replace it. Don’t wait until winter comes around and causes more problems for you. Furthermore, damaged weatherstripping can mean the seal between the garage door and the elements has been broken and you could be wasting money “heating the outdoors” if your garage is attached to your home.

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If your garage door is in need of repair or replacement, Amega Garage Door & Openers is here for you. We understand what an investment a garage door is and how important it is to the safety of your home and that’s why our technicians operate as quickly as possible to complete repairs and replacements.

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