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The technicians at Amega Garage Doors & Openers arrive at your home ready to work. In order to finish the job well, they need to be able to start the right way. There are a few key steps we require from homeowners in order to properly install or repair their garage doors. Help us help you!

Safety First

Of course the safety of our technicians is always the first priority. While you can be sure to trust our employees, your pets may not be so convinced. If you have a dog or cat, please be sure to secure them inside and away from our technicians. This ensures that our employees aren’t in harm’s way and your pets are safe as well. Even the friendliest pet can be a safety concern when our folks are working and we wouldn’t want something to fall on them!

Be sure to let your neighbors know that you’ll be having some work done on your garage in the days before the work is to start. Of course, our technicians will be in Amega Garage trucks, but some neighbors may glance out of their windows to see a stranger working on a garage door and think they’re attempting to break in. We wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable and we certainly don’t want to waste our police officers’ time in responding to nothing.

Clean Working Area

Another way to keep our technicians safe is to be sure to leave a clean area for them to work. Recently, we’ve run into some issues with customers failing to have a clear space around the garage door. In these situations, we may end up needing to reschedule because of the clutter. You don’t need to completely organize and scrub your garage before we arrive—we just need to be able to safely access the door and its components. Think of it this way: if your garage is used as a storage unit and is completely full, to the point that even a vehicle couldn’t safely fit inside, you’ll need to clear it out before our technician can do any work.

Check the Work

We want you to be happy with our work, so if you’re available during any repairs, services, or replacements Amega Garage is doing to your garage, be sure to check our work before we leave. If you’re not around, check it right when you get home. You’re our customer, so we want to be sure you’re glad you called us! If you see anything at all you’re not sure about, contact us right away!