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After the snow and ice storms Des Moines had this winter, it’s nice to finally welcome spring. With that, we can start thinking of spring cleaning! Before you start a spring cleaning to-do list this year, remember that your garage is a big part of your home—even if it’s detached. Keeping your garage door clean and providing regular maintenance can help prolong its service life, reducing headaches in the future.

Prevent Dirt Buildup

Washing your garage door can help prevent dirt and gunk buildup. On most doors, a mild detergent works great—just be sure to never use any abrasive cleaners. You may be surprised how much dirt will be washed off after a long winter!

Routine Maintenance on Garage Doors

Like most things in your home, your garage door requires regular maintenance if you want it to continue working properly. Think of it this way: the garage door is usually the heaviest, biggest piece of moving equipment in the home. You definitely want to make sure you’re paying attention to it! Inspect the springs to make sure they’re not rusting, take a look at your rollers to make sure there’s not grime building up, search for cracked seals and missing fasteners, and watch for damage in your track. Making time to inspect the door is worth it.

Prolong Garage Door Life

Because rollers, springs, and any other moving parts that make the garage door open and close require lubrication, you’ll want to apply this regularly as well. We offer an affordable lightweight lubricant at Amega Garage Doors and Openers that’s easily applied. By making sure those moving parts are properly lubricated at all times, you can prolong the life of your garage door and prevent unnecessary problems.

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While cleaning your garage door, if you happen to notice it’s out of date or damaged beyond repair, a new garage door may be for you. Take a look at our gallery of garage doors here and contact the experts at Amega Garage Doors and Openers today. We can custom design a garage door to fit your home perfectly.