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June is Garage Door Safety Month, as designated by The International Door Association (IDA). While we take safety seriously every month of the year, June is the perfect time to remind others how important it is to operate their garage doors with safety in mind. This includes being aware of the potential dangers a garage door poses to you and your loved ones when it’s not properly used.

Avoid DIY Garage Repairs

There are a few maintenance items you can easily (and safely) check off your to-do list when it comes to your garage door. For example, it’s fairly simple to apply garage door lubricant to the door track and moving parts to keep them working properly. Plus, being able to maintain and repair things around your home is beyond nifty—it can save time and money. Still, no one is an expert in everything and by attempting to repair something as large and heavy as your garage door, you could seriously hurt yourself.

When to Call a Garage Technician

If you haven’t been professionally trained to repair a garage door, often the best case scenario is that you only hurt the garage door. It’s important to call a pro when it comes to repairing your garage door’s moving parts and the door itself. By attempting a repair you’ve never done before, it could end up costing you more money down the line.

Garage Door Spring Repairs

broken garage door spring

When a garage door spring breaks, you’ll know it. The door will feel much heavier and will be incredibly hard to open, if not impossible. You may even hear it break (it will sound like a big bang coming from your garage). Regardless, if you have a broken garage door spring, never attempt to repair it on your own. There are tons of DIY videos online telling you it’s safe and you can save money, but in reality, serious injury and even death can occur. Professional garage door technicians are specially trained to safely and properly repair things like broken garage door springs the right way.   

Door Repairs and Replacements

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Problems with your garage door can range from the way it’s opening and closing to the sound it’s making during operation. These are all signs of potentially bigger issues down the line. Properly maintaining your garage door is key to avoiding those bigger problems in the future. It can also help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Know How to Operate Your Garage Door

Making sure you understand how to operate the garage door is one thing, but if you have older kids in the home, it’s important to show them how to stay safe around it. This means showing them how to safely operate it. Of course, small children should never have access to the garage door and should never be left alone near it. But older kids should be given a lesson in how to properly open and close the garage door. Be sure to remind them to never try to race the door, even if there’s a sensor is in place.

Install an Opener with Safety Sensors

Kids and animals are unpredictable. You never know when they bolt and run under a closing garage door. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a garage door opener that has safety sensors built into it. Our openers use the Protector System® to ensure if something passes through the path of a closing door, the door automatically reverses. This can save lives.

Invest in Security

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Since the garage door is often used as the main entrance to your home, it’s no wonder burglars often use this as an easy way to enter as well. Secure your door and prevent forced entry with an automatic door lock. This is exactly what the PosiLock® system does and it’s built into LiftMaster openers like the 8550W Belt Drive Opener.

Call the Des Moines Garage Pros

When it comes to garage doors, we’ve seen just about everything. Our decades of experience helps us quickly and accurately diagnose problems, then properly repair them the first time. Whether you’re ready for a new garage door or need maintenance to your existing door, contact us today. We’re ready to help!