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We have provided these questions and answers as a service to our customers for quick reference. However, sometimes it is better to be able to talk to someone when you’re having a problem. We have staff available to assist you with your questions who are very willing and able to assist you in situations where you can correct a problem with your garage door or opener yourself. Please know that we welcome your calls and comments. Feel free to call us at 515-633-2119. Our staff will do their best to assist you or schedule a service call for you if that becomes necessary.

Garage Door and Garage Door Opener FAQs

You may use a mild detergent to wash your door; do not use abrasive cleaners. As with any piece of mechanical equipment, garage doors operate best when they receive regular maintenance and periodic service. Moving parts should be oiled with a lightweight lubricant. We stock an excellent lubricant that will ensure smooth movement and prolong the life of the moving parts on your door. Call or drop by our show room for more information or to purchase this lubricant. Our technicians have an inspection list that they are trained to use whenever they service your door. Some of the things they check are for signs of wear in moving parts, loose or missing fasteners, your track system, door seal, ease of operation and to make sure all safety warning labels and tags are in place.
Your neighbors have a garage door opener with a battery backup system. Amega sells the LiftMaster 8550 Opener which has battery backup. The new MyQ® technology is also available with this opener, which allows you to operate your garage door from your smart phone. Call or visit us for more details.
You should read the documentation that came with your product or ask us for warranty information on your specific product. Amega Garage Doors and Openers extends a one year parts and labor warranty. Manufacturer warranties vary.
First, and most importantly, your photo eyes are an essential component in the safe operation of your garage door. Never disable them or try to “work around” them. Make sure they are no more than 6” off the ground. With the door in the closed position, clean the photo eyes with a soft, dry cloth. Loosen the fly nuts and gently adjust them by hand if they appear to be out of alignment. When they are properly aligned, you will see a green light and an amber light.
Garage door springs are VERY dangerous. Proper knowledge, tools and experience are essential for a safe and reliable repair. We do NOT recommend that any person without experience in the garage door industry attempt to do a spring replacement. There are many cases where attempts to replace springs have resulted in serious injury and/or death to not only the one trying the repair, but to anyone who might have been close by. Please—this is a job that needs to be left to the professionals!
To open a door with a broken spring, have someone push the opener button while you assist the door opener by lifting the door. In essence, you are taking the place of the spring in assisting the door opener. Do not try to open your door when it has a broken spring using only the opener. You must assist it to avoid damage to your opener. If your door has only 1 spring, do not attempt to open it. In both cases, one spring or two – call Amega Garage Doors & Openers, Inc. to schedule a spring replacement.
The spring life is generally about 10,000 cycles, so how long your springs last depends entirely upon how much you use your garage door. When one spring breaks, the other one has also had the same number of cycles and could break soon. For this reason, we recommend that you replace both springs. You can prolong the life of springs, rollers, hinges and all moving parts of your garage door by lubricating them with a lightweight oil (10W30) or spray. We have the spray available in our office.
Locate the learn button on the back or side of the opener. Press and HOLD the learn button down until the LED light next to it goes out. You have now cleared all transmitters and keypads. In order for any of them to work, you will have to reprogram them.
The battery in your keypad most likely needs to be replaced.
Locate the learn button on the back or side of your garage door opener. Press and release that button. (Do NOT hold the button down) The LED light will come on next to the learn button. Now press in the 4 digit code you want to use on the keypad and hit the “Enter” button. Your keypad is now set. The instructions can also be found on the keypad lid for easy reference.
You probably need to replace the battery in your remote. If none of your transmitters work, make sure that they are all coded into the receiver. If you have done all of this, it can be presumed that the receiver is bad and an experienced service technician should be able to easily diagnose the problem and advise you as to the solution.
Locate the learn button on the back or side of your garage door opener. Press and release that button. (Do NOT hold the button down) The LED light will come on next to the learn button. Then press the button on the transmitter and hold it down until the LED light next to the learn button blinks and the release opener light will blink. You have now set your transmitter.


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