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Deciding on which style and color your garage door should be can take some time. As it should! It’s the largest entry point to your home, has a giant impact on curb appeal, and can have up to a 98% return on investment. All of this adds up to make this decision pretty important. But how do you choose the best door for you and your home? There are a few things to consider.

Styles of Garage Doors to Enhance Your Home’s Design

Taking into account the look of your home is the first thing to do when looking for a garage door. You may love the look of a modern garage door, but if your home is a Victorian or traditional craftsman, it’s going to look out of place. The same can be said about liking a carriage garage door, but owning a modern home. When you choose a garage door that makes sense in the design of your home, it can enhance the overall look.

Modern Garage Doors

Whether your home is a mid-century modern or an international style (flat roof), it’s a good idea to know what kind of options are available to you when it comes to doors. Full-view aluminum garage doors offer a sleek and dramatic look. They can go super-modern or more contemporary, depending on the exact style you choose. Featuring glass and aluminum, they can give your home a cool industrial look.

frosted windows on an aluminum full-view garage door

Modern flush panel doors give more of a contemporary look to a garage and home. If you’re looking for a sleeker, clean look, these doors can be perfect. They’re also great if you want a subtle look that doesn’t detract from the look of the house.

flush panel residential garage door with windows

Traditional and Transitional Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors come in so many styles that you’re sure to find one or more that you’d be happy to feature as part of your home. They also come in steel, wood, and fiberglass, so your options are open. Carriage houses were actually the first garages, so these doors are a nod to the history of garage doors. That’s not to say they look like a barn door (although you can choose that style, too). These can add a fresh, welcoming look to your home and come in overlay carriage house or stamped carriage house styles.

You may also be interested in high-definition fiberglass garage doors. These doors are richly designed and feature beautiful detailing. You might see these on a Beaverdale brick or a traditional home in West Des Moines, but they work well with a number of styles.

fiberglass garage door des moines iowa

If you have a craftsman home, you know how nice shaker doors can look. Stamped shaker garage doors offer a classic design with the detail you’d expect from a traditional shaker door. The craftsmanship in these doors can really complement the style of the home.

Garage Door Openers

Regardless of the door you choose, a garage door opener can make your life easier. Since your garage door is the biggest moving part in your household, it’s important to pair it with a dependable opener. LiftMaster offers openers with safety features like the Protector System®, which stops and reverses the door if something or someone crosses underneath it while closing. MyQ® technology allows you to control your garage door and lights from anywhere, with the mobile app. There’s also an opener with battery backup, which means your garage door can open and close even after a storm knocks out your power.

Work with a Garage Door Professional

Remember, there are no “rules” when it comes to the right garage door for you. Our staff has worked in the garage door industry for decades and can help you choose a door based on style and budget. Set up an appointment by giving us a call today! In the meantime, feel free to take a look at our full gallery of garage doors. If you’re looking for more of a custom look, check out our easy-to-use interactive Design Your Garage Door tool.